About Me

Leveraging a robust athletic background, I transitioned from a formidable stint as a D1 football player for Syracuse, to a professional tenure with the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. My journey was fueled not just by relentless training, but also by a meticulous focus on nutrition and supplementation, which I found to be game-changers in elevating my performance on the field. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a Master’s in Instructional Design, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of the synergy between physical training, nutrition, and education.

Now, as a mentor, I channel this wealth of experience and knowledge into providing trustworthy advice on nutritional and sports supplements. My mission is to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike understand the profound impact the right supplements can have on performance, recovery, and overall wellness, bridging the gap between natural ability and peak performance.

Through my website, I offer a curated selection of supplements backed by science and tested in the crucible of professional athletic competition, aiming to empower others on their journey towards achieving their personal and athletic pinnacle.